EMOM Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't find the answer you are looking for here please get in touch via either the Facebook Group or the Contact page on this website.

What gear can I bring/What is the tech spec?

That's entirely up to you. We provide two DI connections to a mixing desk, that in turn powers a 2.5kw PA that has subs. If you need something other than a simple DI connection then please book a slot beforehand and tell us what you need. We provide what gear we can, but as I'm sure you can appreciate EMOM nights are not about the money, and this is reflected in the gear we are able to provide for you. If you want to perform at a event with your ten-piece modular band then we might not be able to accommodate you.

Do I need to bring my own table?

We provide a decent size table (like this) for anyone who wants to perform that way. You are just as welcome to bring a keyboard stand, or even your own table if you wish to, but bear in mind we have no roadies or stage crew, so if you must perform using a twenty-foot long oak table then bear in mind that you might end up having to move it into place by yourself. If your rig is complex and takes more than a handful of minutes to set up then you might find bringing your own table is actually a pretty good idea. Camping tables work well.

Is there a stage?

Not normally, no. We sometimes use a low stage for gigs, but for EMOM nights the sheer number of performers makes using a stage a horrible pain in the genitals. The PA is at one end of the room and you will be somewhere near it. Because we're not really set up for vocalists (see FAQ on microphones below) we will probably place you in front of the PA so you can hear yourself. Mostly because we don't have any monitors.

Will I get paid?

Nah. Although we host events in a PRS licensed venue so if you are registered with PRS you can get paid that way.

Do I have to pay to play?

Hell no, we have all been in bands that have been ripped off by pay to play promoters. We are NOT a pay to play promoter. We have a whip-round so our long-suffering and very talented professional sound engineer can get paid, but donating is not obligatory (although we'd really love it if you did donate).

Can my band play?

Well that depends. How many of you are in the band and how fast can you set up? Because so many acts play at our EMOM events we would really struggle if loads of bands turned up to every event. Which leads us neatly onto...

Can I bring my guitar/bass/keyboard amp?

As long as you can carry it by yourself and get it set up very quickly then sure, you can bring your amp. But it won't be able to go through the PA and if it's so loud the bar staff get upset then we'll ask you to turn it down. Quickly.

Can I bring a drum kit?

No. Non-negotiable. Hard no. But if you have a floor tom, or snare or something that you like to use then sure, bring it along. But we can't mic it up for you or put it through the PA, so it might not be worth the bother.

Do I need to bring my own microphone?

If you want to sing, yell, sob, rant or use your voice for anything then yes, you'll need to bring your own microphone and XLR lead. It's worth noting that the team who run the venue we use are very open-minded and tolerant of all sorts of wild noises but if your performance is mostly about screaming or repetitive profanity then EMOM might not be a good event for you.