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Mawhrin Skel - Syksy

Limited run of 25 tapes.

EMOM Ipswich

Electronic Music Open Mic in Ipswich

But why?

Electronic music is heavily based around experimentation. The usual rules of being in a band, or performing music often do not apply. The same theory can be applied to getting gigs. So we started EMOM (Electronic Music Open Mic) in Ipswich to create platform for electronic musicians to experiment, explore or simply enjoy a low-pressure excuse to perform in front of people.

If you have been tinkering with electronic music at home but feel you're not quite ready to start asking for gigs then EMOM nights are a great way to dip your toes in the world of live electronic music in a friendly, supporting, nurturing and non-judgemental way.

If you have been playing electronic music live for years and you fancy playing at a EMOM you are, of course, also very welcome. EMOM is a great platform for trying out new ideas that you might not be ready to take on tour.

So, leave your ego at the door and come and join us for an evening of interesting noises! You don't have to be a performer to enjoy EMOM, we are actively recruiting audience members!

To find out more about the ethos of EMOM have a look at

EMOM Electronic Music Open Mic